End of 1998

Robert Barczyk, one of the partners of the today's company, assumes the business activity, focusing on Customer service, delivering products for the correct functioning of the company.

July 2006

Jacek Cygan, second of the partners of the today's company, is attaching to Robert Barczyk, both are establishing the civil law partnership. FOLPOL, is the name of the company, is more and more is orienting for the customer service in all type of the products, needed in the process of packing.

March 2008

This year turns out to be crucial for the existence of the FOLPOL company, firstly the civil law partnership is transformed into the general partnership, secondly FOLPOL is moving to the own registered office, located in surroundings of Góra Kalwaria, in Wólka Załęska. Now, having possibilities, the company is building logistic base, being able to meet requirements for conducted activity and to ensure the best Customer Service.

September 2008

FOLPOL is obtaining a permit for the transport of waste plastic, a new phase is starting in the operations of the company, we are starting acting in the field of environmental protection.

June 2009

Caring about the logistic base we are building the first professional warehousing facilities in our area, now it is much easier for us to conduct our activity.

March 2010

We are putting the silage films into the offer, including private labels: SILOFLEX, SILOBALE, it meets the demand of the market, new products are gaining quickly recognizing our Customers.

December 2010

Trying to meet requirements of our Customers we are searching best, available on the European market, and not only, products. We are beginning the cooperation with the AGM company (Arabian Gulf Manufacture Co. Ltd) from Saudi Arabia, one from the best in the branch. From 2011, we are launching products of this firm, to the Polish market.

August 2011

Widening our activity in the environmental protection, we are obtaining a next permit for the transport of waste, this time of paper and cardboard.

December 2011

For the first time we are staying noticed by the newspaper “Business Pulse ", we are being admitted to the club of BUSINESS GAZELLE. It pleases us, that our efforts in conducted activity were noticed and appreciated.

December 2012

“Business Pulse” is confirming our membership in the club of BUSINESS GAZELLE.

July 2013

Editorial staff of the Magazine "European Company", for 7 years conducting analyses of the financial standing of enterprises in Poland according to different rates, acknowledged, that our company had developed last year enough dynamically, to grant us the title of BUSINESS CHEETAH 2012.

March 2014

The Folpol company obtained permission for waste collecting, following the expectations of our customers we can and we are starting taking over the duty of the waste management, arising for them from the Waste Management Act dated December 14, 2012.

August 2014

We are taking part of social projects in our village, the major thanks for that.

March 2015

"Business Pulse” is again confirming our membership in the club of the BUSINESS GAZELLE.

January 2016

We are expanding the cooperation with the world basin of producers of the stretch film - with Saudi Arabia, this time it is TRIOMADA PLASTIC INTERNATIONAL Co.

March 2016

We take part of the WARSAW PACK fair, where we are presenting our best techniques of packing and packages.

April 2016

We are obtaining the certificate of the Research Centre of the Customers Opinion – The TRUSTWORTHY COMPANY.

September 2016

We are supporting the operations of sports clubs Perła Złotokłos and TKM Tomice - clubs thank for that.

September 2017

We are still taking part of social projects in our village, the major thanks for that.